Though THQ has been going through some rough financial troubles over the past year, the company can take solace in knowing one of its biggest franchises performed incredibly well.

Saints Row: The Third was one of 2011's most surprising sequels, and not only was it a darling to fans and critics, but it apparently was a pretty big success for THQ. According to the publisher's new president Jason Rubin, the game has sold 5.5 million copies since it came out in November 2011.

To make it even more impressive, as Rubin points out, those sales numbers are from before the THQ Humble Bundle was offered. Though that sale is now over, an additional 885,362 copies of the games included were sold. THQ raised more than $5 million by letting people pay what they wanted to for the bundle.

More Saints Row games are planned, including a fourth entry which will comprise of all-new content plus the abandoned "Enter the Dominatrix" expansion originally slated for release earlier this year.