Trying to save money? Here's a way, but I don't think you're gonna like it! A family in California has said no to lights, TV and computers at night. Could you do this?

It started out as a one month experiment last August, but turns out...they really liked it and continued til the end of December!

They restarted the candle lifestyle again when daylight saving began a couple of weeks ago. They plan to continue this until the Winter Solstice, um...WHAT? That's Decemember 21 or 22!

Stacey Robbins said they do it for the positive feelings. "The way people feel when they leave a camping experience is like, 'Ahhh.' It's like they're exhaling a little more deeply and they're sleeping better and they feel more refreshed. And I thought, 'How do I bring that into the conveniences of our home?'"

The family's solution: Turn off the lights. But not just the lights. No TV, no computers, no video games, nada. They even turn off the circuit breaker (but leave the refrigerator running).

Mom Stacey enjoys it, Dad Rock (who works in IT and has three phones and is on the computer all day) enjoys it, and even their two young sons, Seth and Caleb, enjoy playing the piano and violin by candlelight.

The candlelit evenings began as a month-long experiment. But everybody was having such a good time, the Robbinses expanded it to four. This year, they expect to keep the power off at night until winter solstice.

via Family relies on candles during daylight saving time | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News.