Earlier this year, a boxer puppy named Duncan was born in the Seattle area with deformed back legs. There was no way to fix it, so when he was 12 weeks old, both of his back legs were amputated.

Duncan's owners have a custom WHEELCHAIR for him...but it seems that he doesn't need it. Because in the month that's passed since his surgery, he's learned to run on JUST his two front legs.

Now, he runs around on his two legs...going just as fast as a dog with all four legs.

A woman named Amanda Giese adopted him. She says people protested her having his legs removed...and told her she should just PUT HIM DOWN.  Instead, she went through with the surgery...and now Duncan will live a long, full life.

Amanda says, "Duncan is my hero...he doesn't let his unique differences slow him down and he doesn't know he is any different."

(NBC 5 - Seattle

Here's a video of Duncan running around on his two front legs: