You might have heard about the owner of the Schlotzky's on Judge Ely that closed his restaurant down for an "attitude adjustment". Well, apparently attitudes are in line and he's ready to re-open for business. When he re-opens, he plans to show he means business by giving away free Schlotzky's for a year.

Originally, the grand re-opening was slated for December 4th, but that date got moved back just a few days.

So, Schlotzky's on Judge Ely will have a grand re-opening on Monday, December 9th. Not only are we assured of better service, but the first 50 people who purchase a Cinnabon 6-pack will receive a year of free Schlotzky's Original sandwiches. I don't know about you, but I could live on the Schlotzky's Original, and if it's free, then even better.

Both the dining room and drive-thru will open at 7:30am, so I suggest you get there fairly early. Cinnabon is pretty dang popular as it is, then you toss in free Schlotzky's for a free and I'm sure there's gonna be a lot of people there, including me.

Now, if you haven't heard the story, apparently the owner, John Herod, shut the place down because he was sick of the poor service his employees were giving customers. Hence, why the "closed for attitude adjustment" sign. I think all Americans should commend this guy for standing up for customer service. Seems now days, customer service is the one thing that's lacking in retail and restaurants. How often have you heard of a business owner standing up for the customer? That's rare these days.

We salute you Mr. Herod.

This story has gone viral, I'm talking national. But, it all started right here. Sure is good to see Abilene get national coverage that has a positive impact.

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