What started off as simple words of celebration turned into an image and inspirational message that went insanely viral all over the internet, landing the story on CNN and MSN News (among others).

My friend, Shanna, just recently celebrated 6 years of freedom from the grasp of Meth addiction so she posted a before and after picture on Facebook that showed her while she was addicted beside one from today. Along with the picture was her inspirational message of celebration. Shortly after she posted that message, friend after friend commented, liked and shared it as it went viral. To this day, that picture/message has been ‘liked’ well over 160,000 times as well almost 13,000 shares. To coin a phrase, it has gone around the world and back.

Shanna became the face of meth recovery overnight, literally.

While I’ve never fought meth addiction, I have many friends who have. I’m very proud of each and every one of them who have beat that beast and continually pray for those who fight it to this day (as well as other addictions).

Well, as Shanna’s story spread, KRBC (NBC affiliate) ran a story on it, then the next thing you know major news outlets like CNN and MSN News picked it up. Not only does Shanna deserve such recognition for her accomplishments, but it also serves as inspiration for those around the world battling the addiction.

"I didn't go viral," she said. "All the shares, all the likes and all the love from the people that care about this disease, went viral. We went viral."

To Shanna I say “congrats, I’m so proud of you”.

When I told Shanna I wanted to honor her the best way I can, she replied with "Thank you so much...it really does mean a lot to me. I had hoped this would reach many...I had no idea it would be this big. I'm so thankful people around this world care like they so....GOD IS GREAT". She's an amazing woman.

If you are currently battling an addiction, please seek help.

Here are a few resources I have found that may help