I bought a new home a few months back and since then I've been addicted to searching various real estate websites just to look at pictures of various homes for sale. Well, I just ran across a listing for a ranch that would be perfect for hunting.

You might remember my article about the most expensive house in the Abilene area; well this is even more expensive, but not because of the actual house, but for the land.

11357 US Highway 277 South is listed as a ranchers and hunters dream and judging by the pictures (above), it is just that. We love our hunting here in West Texas and this would be a dream for any hunter, that's for sure.

Don't get me wrong, the house on this monstrous piece of land isn't small. It's listed at 3,700 square foot. Granted, not nearly as big as the 7,000+ square foot home in Abilene's Most Expensive, but definitely a nice place to hang your hat after a long day hunting.

This ranch has over 1,200 acres filled with wildlife. So, even if the home isn't a rockstar's paradise, the land itself would be perfect for a rockstar that loved hunting.

Ranchers & hunters dream with wildlife filled 1209+ acres. Gorgeous panoramic views of city from an elevation of 700 above Abilene. 5 deep water wells, 1 pond, 3 creeks + 90x60 metal shop. Beautiful 3700 sf stone home with metal roof + outdoor kitchen. 50% of minerals convey & 100% of exec rights convey! via Realtor.com

So, if your hunting camp is no longer adequate, then it's time to upgrade to one that would make Ted Nugent jealous.

Seriously, you'll have your own pond and 3 creeks. Animals need water and lots of area to roam. This is the perfect hunting paradise and it could be all yours.

A few of the outdoor amenities include a saltwater pool, massive poolside pergola, outdoor fireplace, balcony, covered porch and spa.

So whip out that checkbook and get ready to move. This enormous ranch only costs $3,024,000. Throw 20% down and you're looking at a monthly payment of just over $11,000.

While that may seem steep for most of us, there are plenty of people in the Abilene area that can actually afford that. If that's you and you want to buy this place, then contact the listing agent, Brett Grier at Clark Real Estate Group in Weatherford. Brett's number is (817)-578-0609.


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