Have you ever bought something because you felt it was a status symbol and you just had to have it? A new survey says about 14% of people have.

The top things on the list were an iPad, big screen t.v., car, a nanny, a gardener or a maid.

The report found that along with the car you drive and house you live in, modern day status symbols also include diamond jewellery, designer watches and a foreign holiday home.

Is there something that you bought in the past and you felt "Wow, I've really made it because now I have it!"

Is there something that if you bought you'd feel like you've really "made it"? Personally, I think mine would be a maid! I always say when I grow up and get rich I'd love a maid! Oh, and a pool and a vacation home in the Caribbean and...


via An iPad, 50 inch TV and a cleaner: Modern day status symbols revealed | Mail Online.