'Modern Family' actress Ariel Winter hasn't had the most normal childhood lately. In addition to being part of a perpetually award-winning sitcom, the 14-year-old has been embroiled in the middle of a custody battle between her mother and older sister after abuse allegations came to light.

Now safely in her sister's care, she's headed off to a school with other kids for the very first time, which will hopefully give her the awkward teenage years the rest of us had to endure to become normal adults with hefty therapy bills.

This is a big life change for Winter, who up to this point has only been taught by private tutors. Apparently she's very excited to start attending school next month, but sadly, that enthusiasm is bound to fade. Wait until you learn math you'll never need in real life, kid!

According to TMZ, the 'Modern Family' producers are “thrilled” and are more than willing to work around the schedule at her private school in Los Angeles.

In addition to attending classes, Winter is said to be “flourishing” in the home of her sister Shanelle Workman, who has been very strict with her younger sibling since being granted guardianship. Regardless of her new rule-filled life, Ariel is “happier than ever” and producers have noticed a positive change in her.

Her father still has access to Winter's finances, which currently total $75,000 an episode for the teenage star. (There's no emoticon that can aptly express our feelings about that.)