Today's Cosplay of the Day is a blast from the past! Let's dive in and check out Ayla, from Chrono Trigger.

Ayla was the chief of a village in 65,000,000 B.C., helping defend her people against the scaly Reptiles. She gives up her role as chief for a brief period in order to join Chrono and the crew on their quest to defeat Lavos. Her strength and physical prowess more than make up for the fact that she can't cast magic spells and she lends her power to fight the good fight.

Here is ArtemisMoonCosplay as Ayla in her iconic look. You can call this outfit minimalist, and you'd be correct since it's comprised of only a couple of pieces of fur and a hefty club. But the star of this cosplay is the hair, which ArtemisMoon has recreated faithfully to look just like Ayla's wild 'do.

Come see more of her excellent cosplay on deviantART. You should definitely check out her jaw-dropping High School of the Dead costumes!


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