One of the biggest upsets of the young college basketball seasons has been Belmont's 83-80 victory over #12 North Carolina. While it would be easy to credit a 3-pointer from Belmont's J.J. Mann as the game-winner, it could be argued that the pivotal point of the game came in the first half.

North Carolina was already down 18-16 with about 10:00 remaining in the first half of the game on UNC's home court, when James Michael McAdoo was fouled and went to the free throw line. He had a chance to tie the game, but just when McAdoo was preparing for his first free throw, a brave Belmont Bruin fan (in a sea of North Carolina fans) cut through the deafening silence with the most distracting sound imaginable. Here's how the situation unfolded:

McAdoo never had a chance.

Whoever that unidentified Belmont fan was, he should take at least a little credit for the Bruins' upset victory. He should also take credit for getting a chuckle out of UNC fans - some of the most intense college basketball fans around.