By now you might have heard about "Bendgate." Bendgate is two things: An issue where the design of the iPhone 6 Plus allows it to bend...and the most annoying example yet of adding '-gate' to minor problems, to make them sound like Watergate.

It started with the YouTube channel Unbox Therapy. They posted a video yesterday called "iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test" where they showed how it was fairly easy to bend the new, bigger, iPhone 6 Plus with just your hands.

They didn't exactly discover the issue...they did the video in response to people who'd bought the phone, and found it was bending in their front or back pockets. But after the video, #bendgate started trending on social media.

Then people argued that the case is made of aluminum and about a quarter-inch it doesn't take super-human force to bend it. (Maybe you should stop wearing skinny jeans?)

So Unbox Therapy did ANOTHER test, to see whether any of this was a big deal. They tried to bend the iPhone BACK, and cracked the frame and the screen. While other brands of phones didn't bend at all. So 'Bendgate isn't going anywhere.

As for Unbox Therapy it's basically just a guy named Lewis Hilsenteger, covering new gadgets, technology, and electronics. He has 1,225,603 subscribers and 120,042,867 views. And will probably get a lot more after this.