With cold weather, comes many people cranking up their fireplaces to stay warm. Instead of looking all over the web, we have a list of places in Abilene that sell firewood.

  • Haught's Tree Service

    Besides tree trimming, tree removal, pruning and other services, Haught's offer several different types of wood as well. They have oak wood for fireplaces, mesquite or pecan wood for grilling, or you can get a mixed bundle. They sell 1/4 chords, 1/2 chords or full chords, and they can deliver. You can order online or go see them at 441 N. Treadaway in Abilene. Check out their website below.

  • Lowes

    I was able to find bundles of firewood at Lowes for about $3.97 a bundle recently. They had a good supply of them, but they were going fast when the latest cold front came through. In addition, they carry starter logs as well as a chimney cleaner log. Lowes has two locations in Abilene. Check out the links below for those locations.

  • Thornton's Tree Service

    In addition to lawn care, tree service and more, Thornton's Tree Service also offers firewood for sale. They are located at 1701 South 32nd or you can call them at 325-677-8733. Check out their website with the link below.

  • Jesse's Firewood

    Jesse's Firewood is located at 5342 Capitol Drive here in Abilene. You can call them at (325) 370-7802 and they can deliver.

  • Best Tree Service

    Best Tree Service specializes in tree removal, land clearing, pruning and all sorts of lawn services. They also offer firewood as well. They are located at 5315 Ridgleline Drive in Abilene or you can call them at (325) 695-4919. Check them out online by clicking the link below.

  • United Supermarkets

    Another place I have found that sells firewood is United Supermarkets. They sell bundles of firewood with 8-10 logs for $10.99 each. There are 4 locations in Abilene. Click on the links below for one near you.