Things are pretty bad for the Spanish economy right now, but rather than avoid playing there altogether, the guys in Bon Jovi have opted to give their dinero-strapped fans a break by giving up their own fees for an upcoming Madrid concert.

As Vintage Vinyl News reports, overall unemployment in Spain is hovering around a miserable 27 percent -- with young workers being hit twice as hard -- and the band's accountants were worried about being able to sell enough tickets to justify a visit. After considering skipping Madrid on their current tour, the band ultimately decided they didn't want to disappoint Spanish fans, choosing instead to give up their own fee for the show.

Jon Bon Jovi discussed the move with Spanish paper El Mundo, saying that "We did a study and we saw that due to the economic situation Spain wasn't going to be on the roadmap. But I didn't want to leave out fans from a country I love that has treated me well for 30 years."

According to VVN's report, the move will cut ticket prices in half, pushing the cost down to 18 to 39 Euros, or $23.50 to $51.00.