Josh Springer may have made himself everyone's best friend with the invention of the Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser. This system fills beer cups from the bottom in a matter of seconds, seals it and you are on your way. Josh invented a system that allows for beer to be distributed quickly, eliminating long lines at events and clubs but can also be used in the home by those arm chair quarterbacks. The system uses specially designed cups with holes in the bottom, yes holes, that are covered with a magnet to seal them. When the cups are set on top of the system it pushes the magnet up allowing the cup to fill from the bottom and then reseal when pulled off the tap.

Check out the CNN interview with inventor, Josh Springer here.

Now if you think that's an awesome idea, check this out. The 'home unit'. That's right you can install one of their kits in your armchair and never have to get up during the game to fetch a beer from the fridge. Well, you might have to get up at some point to visit the facility but it's not because you've run out of beer! They are also available in Party Coolers, kegerators and more too. A home unit kit will run you about a $1000 bucks plus the purchase of the cups, cooler units about $1500 and Kegerator units can run around $3,000.

Bottoms Up Home Units