After all these years of wailing away as AC/DC's frontman, you'd think Brian Johnson would be immune to stage fright by now, but that apparently isn't the case.

As Johnson recently told the BBC, he had some doubts about whether he'd be up to the task when the time came to record the band's latest album, 'Rock or Bust.' "I’ve got to stick my hand up and tell the truth," he admitted. "I went to Vancouver with the boys and I hadn’t sung a song in anger in five and a half years."

Added Johnson, "I went with my fingers crossed and my eyes shut into the singing booth. I was just so happy that it came out good; the band was swinging and I think we all got carried away."

And he wasn't the only one who might have been feeling the pressure. As Johnson pointed out, the band's new rhythm guitarist, Stevie Young, had a lot to live up to, as he was stepping in for ailing AC/DC co-founder -- and Stevie's uncle -- Malcolm Young.

"Stevie knew the shoes he had to fill. He put his head down. He worked hard," said Johnson. "We put an arm around him and said, ‘Just join the fun,’ and he did. I think the energy came out in the album -- the nervous energy to keep going."

One of the more hotly anticipated rock releases of 2014, 'Rock or Bust' is off to a fast start on the charts, and will be followed by a growing list of tour dates next year.

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