Today's biggest sports news: the Harbaughs say nice things about each other, you can hear the "Lennay Kekua voice," a super-inspiring dog story and more.

John and Jim Harbaugh, who, you may have heard, are brothers coaching against each other in the Super Bowl, seem to like each other. Apparently they would even consider coach alongside each other, you know, someday. We'll see what the loser has to say about this Sunday night. [Detroit Free Press]

Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, who fooled Manti Te'o into thinking he was a woman named Lennay Kekua, shared his "Lennay Kekua voice" with Dr. Phil. So if you're curious how that sounds, you're in luck! [NESN]

According to ESPN, Anthony Bosch personally injected Alex Rodriguez with performance-enhancing drugs. [ESPN]

The NBA Players Association has placed Billy Hunter, who has headed the union since 1996, on leave. Union president Derek Fisher sent this in a memo to players on Friday: "This organization has been disrupted and we will no longer tolerate it. Immediate action was necessary and taken to protect you." [L.A. Times]

Need a little bit of an uplift heading into the weekend? Then watch this video of Zip, the dog who was paralyzed but still does agility courses ... in a doggie wheelchair. Sorry, we just got something in our eye. In both our eyes. [With Leather]