The Call of Duty: Ghosts official multiplayer trailer has been revealed, and features brand new ways to play online. Check out the official trailer as well as some highlighted changes to the game.

In Call of Duty: Ghosts, which comes out November 5th, there are a slew of changes including, for the first time, female characters. That along with new dynamic maps, new weapons and more is going to make the newest game of the Call of Duty franchise, one of the best gamers have seen. Here are some of the changes.

Female Characters

For the first time in the 9-year history of "Call of Duty," multiplayer gamers can choose to be a female soldier. It's one of 20,000 possible customization options when it comes to creating an online avatar in "Ghosts." Other personalization possibilities include selecting the race, body type, gear and clothing of virtual characters.


Activision have added several interactive tricks that can dramatically alter the maps in the game's multiplayer mode. Some are as simple as a closed door with the ability to block access to a secret hideaway, while others are as explosive as a gas station that can tear up nearby enemies if ignited.

Dog Companion

Riley, is a German shepherd who appears in the single-player campaign. He will be available in the multiplayer mode as one of 20 new "killstreak" rewards. The canine companion will growl when enemies approach, scout out the battlefield and take out enemies  who come too close.

Crank and File

There are seven new multiplayer modes coming to "Ghosts," including the cooperative "search and rescue" and "squad" modes, but the most intense new way to play "Call of Duty" online is called "cranked." For each kill, a player's reload and movement speeds are amped up, but if a 30-second countdown clock reaches zero, they spontaneously combust.

Hear Me Now

Activision have enhanced the game's sound effects so that they sound a lot like the real world. Gun shots fired in a large metal-filled warehouse sound different from those in a small carpeted room. The chatter during battle has also been fleshed out with teammates who call out when grenades go off or enemies appear near landmarks.

Check out the Official Game Trailer