For those of you who are on Facebook and play games, especially Candy Crush Saga, you will totally get a laugh out of this video. It is so completely true and yes, I have to admit I am addicted!

A few months ago I was addicted to farming on Farmville and decorating my pretend homes in Yoville, now it's Candy Crush. I play during the day for a few minutes (or more) of mindless relaxation and at night before going to bed.

The first few levels are pretty easy (that's how they get you hooked) then the levels get more difficult but by then it's too late. You are now invested in this game and you must continue. There is no quitting! You have to have friends help you out to continue on to upper levels and that's where I found I'm not the only one addicted to this game. EVERYONE is playing. Even my friends that swear off gaming are now playing Candy Crush.

I'm currently at level 91 and I've been stuck for almost a week now. There are tricks to the game that they like to throw at you to keep you from moving on though. I thought the jellies and licorice locks were bad until I got to the chocolates. The chocolates are pure evil. You eliminate one group of candies only to be blocked by chocolates and they multiply so fast it's frustrating. But, I refuse to be beaten by the game so I continue to hand over my life.

Just a warning to those who have not tried Candy Crush as of yet, DON'T DO IT...there is no turning back once you've started. The following video will explain a little more the dangers of getting involved in this highly addictive evil game.