It appears that Deez Nuts has met his match, as Captain Crunch surged ahead of him in a recent presidential poll.

According to The Hill, in the Joke Category of candidates who have filed 2016 presidential bids with the Federal Election Commission, a recent poll shows Deez Nuts fell to 9 percent, with Captain Crunch taking the lead with 17 percent.

Directly behind Deez Nuts was Beast Mode with 5 percent, followed by Queen Elsa Ice with 4 percent; Butt Stuff with 3 percent; Cranky Pants with 2 percent and Limberbutt McCubbins and 'Murican Cookies, each with 1 percent.

While it has yet to be revealed who Captain Crunch is, Deez Nuts has been identified as 15-year-old Iowa high school student Brady Olsen. The teen told Time that despite sliding in the polls, he won't attack Captain Crunch.

"I will not be running negative campaigns against other candidates," he said.