It turns out that cats really do love us back. Time magazine published a study conducted extensively with cat owners, looking at aspects of cats' behavior by scientists and animal experts.

Apparently the love is shown more strongly to women than to us guys too.

They not only found that cats do show genuine affection for their owners, but that they apparently keep track of how much love we show them by petting, talking, and feeding; and reciprocate in equal measure.

I can see that cats would 'keep score' and do that based on having at least one in my household since I was born. They're all unique personalities and they do indeed show all of the emotions. Sometimes it seems they're a little more moody than dogs, and as a result, some people just can't seem to get on a cat's wavelength.

On a personal level, I'm definitely attached to cats as a species, and as family members. We have two cats and two dogs in our house, and I'm pretty much equal opportunity on how much I love the four footed members of the Jones family. Check out more detail on the study at The cat photo I used is public domain and can be accessed at Cute Cat by Petr Kratochvil"> .