What would you do if you were on live TV, looked down and saw what appeared to be breakfast cereal scattered all over the floor? If you're one CBS meteorologist, you grab yourself a handful and eat it right there in front of the whole news team and viewing audience.

It's one thing to eat cereal off the floor. It's another thing to announce later in the broadcast that what you picked off the ground wasn't Grape Nuts after all - it was cat vomit! In an instant, this guy went from being a grown up version of the kid who ate the paste in kindergarten to a disgusting fool. Check it out here:

I've watched it a couple times, and I can't tell if this is real or fake. Ever since Jimmy Kimmel pulled off the "Worst Twerk Fail Ever" prank, I'm going to be skeptical about stuff like this. What do you think? Is this meteorologist a complete fool or a prankster?