If there were ever two bearded gentleman who could read you a wicked story about dragons, it would have to be American actor Nick Offerman and his Irish look-alike Liam Cunningham.

Facial hair chameleon Nick Offerman and his amazing voice can currently be found sporting only a mustache on 'Parks and Recreation' and in the indie film 'The Kings of Summer' (which co-stars his amazingly talented wife, Megan Mullally). In October, you'll also be able to read his life advice in the memoir 'Paddle Your Own Canoe.'

Liam Cunningham may not be able to read all that well as Davos Seaworth in the HBO series 'Game of Thrones,' but he's far from illiterate. As with most UK actors, he has also starred on 'Doctor Who' and in 'Merlin' because apparently there's some sort of requirement for that.