While watching television or a movie, it's sometimes easy to confuse actors for one another. Such was the case with Giovanni Ribisi, whom we were sad to learn never appeared on the CW series 'Supernatural' in a mullet wig -- mostly because it was Chad Lindberg the whole time. Whoops.

Giovanni Ribisi is one of those guys you know you've seen, but you may be hard-pressed to know his name or what else he's been in. We're here to help: He's starred in 'Avatar,' 'Ted' and 'Gone in Sixty Seconds,' plus had a long-running role as Ralph on 'My Name is Earl' and a recurring role in the later seasons of 'Friends' as Phoebe's brother Frank. He's returning to TV this fall, where you'll see him in the Seth MacFarlane live-action sitcom 'Dads.'

We first noticed Lindberg in the CW paranormal adventure series 'Supernatural' playing the computer genius/hunter Ash. And then we wrongly assumed he was Giovanni Ribisi (sorry, dude). After he was killed off the show in 2007 -- and kind of returned in 2010 -- he went on to small roles in 'Criminal Minds,' 'NCIS,' 'Weeds' and 'Castle.'