If it seems like Justin Bieber can't catch a break lately, it may be because the very people in charge of keeping him out of trouble aren't too keen on following rules themselves.

TMZ reports that Bieber and his usual oversized entourage were at a hookah bar in Hollywood when a fellow smoker tried to take a picture of him. Bieber's goons tried to stop the peon from photographing the star when a scuffle broke out.

The guy who attempted to snap Bieber wound up calling the cops, but Bieber and his camp were gone by the time police arrived on the scene. The 'Baby' singer's security team is currently being investigated for battery -- but it's worth noting that for once, Bieber isn't being considered a suspect at all.

Meanwhile, Bieber is being sued for the another incident last week in which his guards were a little too rough with a photographer -- you know, the same one in which Biebs threatened the guy's life and stole his camera's memory card.

TMZ reports that photographer Jeffrey Binion is now suing both Bieber and his bodyguard, Hugo Hesny, and Binion's attorney claims that Hesney doesn't even have the required license to be a bodyguard in the state of Florida, where the altercation went down. Oh, he also said that Hesny had a gun. A gun.

Binion's lawyer told TMZ:

"Justin Bieber is now an adult, and he should act like one. He needs to learn that he cannot use bodyguards as weapons to harm innocent people. Bieber’s violent behavior toward photographers must end, and he should take responsibility for his actions.

No amount of fame or fortune justifies Bieber's shameful and outrageous conduct. To send him that message and deter his misbehavior in the future, we will seek punitive damages against him as allowed by Florida law."

Still, that wasn't the only drama he dealt with this weekend. E! Online reports that he also got kicked out of a club because, well, he's 19 and the US has rules about such things.

Bieber was turned away from the Lure nightclub in Hollywood on Saturday night (June 8) for being underage.

Because he's Bieber, though, he and his camp thought if they called ahead to the 21+ establishment to announce he'd be coming, he'd get some special treatment. Club staff apparently told him to stay home because he's still a baby (baby, baby, ohhhh) ... but he came anyway and tried sneaking in through the literal, not Farrah Abraham, back door.

Problem is, when you're Justin Bieber, people recognize you. Rapper the Game was on the mic at the time, and he shouted out Bieber ... who was then immediately and embarrassingly escorted out by security. D'oh.

Perhaps to cheer himself up, Bieber posted a photo of a lone teen's brassiere onstage, writing, "I guess everyone grows up."

Two more years before you're grown up enough to party with the grown-ups, J.