It's been over 30 years since 76 year old Bill Cosby has done a TV concert special. But, the man with many sweaters will be coming back to TV with a comedy special to air on Comedy Central.

'Far From Finished', which is set to air on November 24th, is Cosby's first TV special since 1983's 'Bills Cosby, Himself'. The special basically takes footage from his recent performance at the Cerritos Performing Arts Center in June of this year.

Even though I was more into the vulgar comedy of Eddie Murphy or Richard Pryor, I also liked Bill Cosby. His clean but hilarious humor was always on point and featured things that we can all relate to in life.

You can check out the special on November 24th on Comedy Central. In the meantime, check out his hilarious special 'Bill Cosby, Himself' below.

'Bill Cosby, Himself'