I haven't been able to say anything about this until now but my high school friend, Jenna Gilliland Stephens, will be featured on tonight's episode of Donut Showdown on the Cooking Channel.The show takes the top donut makers from across the U.S. and pits them against each other in a competition for a $10,000 prize.

Unfortunately, Jenna doesn't live in Abilene any longer. She now resides in Sanford, Florida where she owns 'Donuts To Go'. Her Facebook page always has me drooling; she comes up with some fabulous creations. For example, her donut burger...yes, a burger made with a donut instead of a regular bun, or her red velvet donut with cream cheese icing, or the turtle donut.

Jenna also does theme donuts for all the holidays and also serves brunch. She's a super busy woman! I am super proud and excited for Jenna and know she will do great in tonight's competition.

Tune-in to the show tonight on the Cooking Network at 9 pm central time. The episode is titled '1950s' and will feature Jenna competing against a cafe owner from New Orleans and an executive chef from San Diego. The speedy elimination round will have the cooks having to use Lime Gelatin as the mystery ingredient. Jenna's creation is the Margarita Key Lime Pie Donut. One will be eliminated and the remaining 2 will compete for the cash.