If you do a lot of camping, tailgating, or any number of outdoor activities, a new cooler called the 'Coolest Cooler', would definitely help the cause. This cooler, which has a blender, radio and more, is starting to make waves on Kickstarter, a crowd funding site. That means we could see this bad boy in stores soon.

The  'Coolest Cooler' comes complete with a full-sized portable blender, speakers, LED light under the lid, a bottle opener and more. As you can see in the video (above), it's like having a portable kitchen with you.

According to USA Today, the cooler, created by Ryan Grepper in Oregon, first launched the 'Coolest Cooler' with a goal of securing $125,000.  But, he fell short, finishing with $102,188 in pledges. After tweaking his design a bit, he put it back on Kickstarter, and has now raised over 5 million dollars.

Production of the 'Coolest Cooler' starts later this year.

What are some other things you would add to this cooler if you could?