KPTV - FOX 12 Cops in Oregon went above and beyond the call of duty when they recently delivered a pizza for a delivery driver that was injured in a car wreck.

According to KPTV in Portland, Oregon, a Pizza Hut delivery driver was involved in a wreck and transported to the hospital. Officer Filbert and Officer Curtiss overhead the delivery driver telling his boss about the wreck, and offered to finish delivering the pizza. Steve Huckins and his wife were very surprised to have the police on their doorstep, much less delivering a pizza.

With so much attention spent on negativity on the web these days, I wanted to share something that was positive  Plus, I think that cops get a bad rap sometimes.Yes, there are bad cops out there. But, there are also bad lawyers, doctors, fast food workers, etc. The point is, everybody is human and and there are bad people everywhere you look. But, sometimes, I think people spend too much time looking at all the negative things in our world, rather than keeping those positive vibes.

I'm sure someone will chime in and say, "While the cops were delivering pizza, someone probably committed a crime". If this is what you choose to think, then maybe you need a little bit more positivity in your life. I'm just saying.

As our buddy, Frank Pain, said this morning, "Do something positive with your day. Focus on what you can control!"

Kudos to Frank for those words, and to these cops for being nice enough to deliver a pizza.