This man tried to avoid the traffic jam of cars created by a new policy on picking up your children after school and decided to walk to the school and get his kids. Now he has been arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. Watch the video... who was in the wrong, the father or the officer?

When the Cumberland County Tennessee dad tried to pick up his children, the school wanted him to sign a form for school records stating that his children were allowed to "walk home alone" after school. However, he did not want his children walking alone he wanted them to walk home with him. So, he refused to sign the form, and a discussion ensued with a campus police officer. Even though the discussion was not really loud and the father never acted out of line, he was placed under arrest, and charged with disorderly conduct. The father claims that the officer was upset because he had called his supervisor, the Sheriff, and discussed the safety of the new policy.

Watch the video and you decide, who is out of line... the father, or the school officer and let us know how you feel in this poll below...

(For the record, I believe I can pick my kids up from school anytime I want with any mode of transportation I choose... this is still America, by God.)