Christmas, of course, is about the baby Jesus and spending quality time with family and friends. However, there is the gift giving aspect too. Many of us overspend and sometimes just buy gifts that really don't mean anything; it's more to just give a gift. Then there are moments like this one that bring the whole spirit of Christmas to fruition.

The son in this (Daniel) is doing the video taping, he is videoing his dad's reaction to his Christmas gift. The reaction actually brought a tear to my eye, you get as excited for him as he is about getting the gift. This is what it's all about. Bringing joy to someone who actually appreciates the gesture more than you could ever imagine. He was excited to just get the hat, but then when he discovers the game tickets hidden in the hat band he is speechless and cries tears of joy.

The video was posted on the 23rd (Sunday) by Daniel Buckhannan it has already gone viral and has already had over a million hits.

Hope everyone had a Christmas as special as Daniel's dad. And Daniel...good job!