If you think Dallas Cowboys defensive end, DeMarcus Ware, looked pretty intimidating in years past, his new facemask is going to straight up scare the shoulder pads off of opposing teams next year. The only problem, is that he doesn't have nickname for it. So, let's help the dude out.

D-Ware is switching positions next season, which also means a facemask switch. And, today on his Facebook page, he showed off the new facemask, which looks pretty dang mean.

Since he joined the Cowboys in 2005 as an outside linebacker, Ware wore a facemask with a U-bar at the top. As you can see, his new facemask will have eight bars and looks like a mask from Hannibal Lector. I'd really hate to see this dude in a dark alley with that facemask on.

He's searching for a nickname for the new look as well to replace the 'bull horns' name he had for his previous facemask.

So, what nickname would you give DeMarcus Ware's new facemask?