If you're like me you have a fascination with the paranormal. I've told you about real haunted houses and haunted churches well now I've found some haunted hotels you can stay at when you travel.

Ott Hotel - Liberty

The Ott Hotel was built in 1928 and is a Historical Landmark location in Liberty, Texas. It was built as a stop along the Texas & New Orleans Railroad. Guests claim to hear arguing in the hallways, knocking on doors and even orbs showing up in photos. The historical marker claims the Ott to be the most haunted location in Texas.

Menger Hotel - San Antonio

The Menger Hotel was built in 1859 and is still in operation today. The hotel is full of history but it's most famous claim is that it's the location where Teddy Roosevelt recruited the Rough Riders cavalry. It is said that Teddy still hangs around in the bar having a drink and a woman named Sallie White, whose husband killed her, is seen walking the halls at night. Apparently there are many other apparitions that call the hotel home too but all seem to be friendly and don't mind present day company.

The Menger Hotel via Facebook

Jefferson Hotel- Jefferson

This hotel was built in the early 1850's and was once known as the Crystal Palace a home of ragtime music and fun. Today the hotel has been restored to it's Victorian glory with each room individually decorated with it's own flare. A number of these rooms have been pointed out as having voices or 'activity' from many apparitions. Some like to float the hallways or watch you while your sleep!

Hotel Galvez - Galveston Island

The Galvez is one of the most luxurious hotels on the island but it's also haunted, or at least the 5th floor seems to be. Room #501 is said to be the most haunted room but the entire floor has reported strange activities like slamming doors, footsteps running down the hallway. It is also mentioned by many that the ladies restroom in the lobby is haunted. Water turns on by it's self, toilets flush on their own and the stalls rattle and shake violently.

Hotel Galvez via Facebook

These are just a few great haunted places to stay in Texas but my research shows there are many, many more. Enjoy, if you dare!