Well it's time again for some great videos. If you are like me there are some things out there that you missed or maybe there are some things that you just want to see again. Here are 3 top watched videos.

If you watch shows like "Cops" you know the cars are equipped with dash cams, but have you ever thought of what it would be like if You had a dash cam? This guy was prepared, not sure why he has one, but it came in handy. He's driving along when the car in front of him stops and then backs up...right into him. Then they get out of the car and try to blame him for "rear ending" them. There is no sound but the looks and actions of the folks tell the whole story!

Superbowl time always gives way to some great commercials. Last year Volkswagen had, what I thought, was one of the best commercials. It featured a little boy dressed as Darth Vader thinking he had the power to start the car. Well they seem to have continued with the Star Wars theme this year, only this commercial features mans best friend, the dog, dressed as Star Wars characters and barking the theme song.

There was a fundraising event in New York that President Obama attended and he decided to break into an Al Green performance. Al Green, of course, is a soulful singer with many hits under his belt. The President? Not so much, but he did show off a little, singing a couple lines from an old Al Green tune. Sometimes it's best to stick to your day job.

The President kind of favors Al Green back in his younger days, don't you think!