I caught myself spending too much time on Facebook again recently, and came across a video one of my friends posted. I don't usually mess around with video clips over a minute long, but for some reason I clicked this one. And it turned out to be worth the extra time.

This is British ventriloquist Nina Conti. Puppets and ventriloquism usually aren't my thing, but Conti has a very unique take on this form of comedy, and I think it's brilliant!  It's long (7:33), but it's safe for work and kids, and worth the time. Check it out:

What do you think? Pretty funny, isn't it?

After more research, I found out that Conti is actually fairly well known, and I may be the last to 'discover' her. Hence, the large audience at the Apollo Theater in the video. She also has a documentary film called "Her Master's Voice" which won the 2012 SXSW Audience Award. I may be the last to know about Nina Conti, but I'm glad I do now!