As a rule, I tend to keep my humor at a "5" on the controversy scale of 1-10 on my social network pages. I do this because, I have several people on my 'friends list' who might not be ready for the full experience of my sense of humor. Well, the other day I decided to play a little joke on my Facebook friends by announcing how excited I was to be getting my first tattoo.

My closest friends and coworkers know that I've been wavering about getting inked for months, and I've been unable to commit. So it came as little surprise when I proudly posted this message on Facebook, stating that I was ready to do it:

"Headed out to get my first tattoo! Thanks to everyone who sent your suggestions on what to get! I'll unveil my new ink asap!"

I let that post stew for a couple hours, as friends and family clicked the 'like' button. Several people also commented with lighthearted advice. One of my sisters suggested I get a "I Heart My Sisters" tattoo. My eighth grade teacher said "No, it should be, "I love Mrs. Vandenboss". My coworker Shay said "It should say 'I love my job'". Others simply advised that I get a "tramp stamp", or offered other suggestions that I can only hope were jokes. I even got a couple "WTH" text messages from a couple of concerned friends, but I didn't let anyone in on the joke.

That was fun. But nowhere near as fun as posting the picture of "my new tattoo" a few hours later along with a message that stated

"Holycrap. It turned out even better than I imagined! Kat Von D couldn't have captured my vision better!"

The tattoo photo I posted was not mine. I promise.

The response was intense. I can honestly say I think almost everyone believed that ridiculous tattoo was mine. Dozens of comments were made under the picture from close relatives to people I haven't met yet - or haven't seen in over 20 years.

And the comments are still coming in. Check them out here. My mom has yet to weigh in. I wonder why.

Overall, I learned some interesting things about some of my Facebook friends: 1) A lot of them really believe I would get that tattoo.  2) Some of my friends are very sweet. Too sweet.  3) Some of my friends don't care what I - or anybody else thinks - about their opinion. They're going to share it, whether I like it or not.

If your friend got a ridiculous tattoo they seemed proud of, what would be your first response?