Sometimes pranks might get a little too real, especially when it comes to facing your maker. For instance, take this prank where some dudes decided to get their buddy really good by making him believe he is about to get hit by a train while sitting in the back of a delivery truck.

Somehow, this dude gets talked into riding in the back of this delivery truck, to make sure that the boxes they are carrying don't get damaged. All of a sudden, the truck gets 'stuck on the railroad tracks'. To make things worse, it appears a train is coming. The guy in the back of the truck understandably becomes hysterical as the guys 'try' to get the door open in time.

I don't know about you, but if somebody pulled this prank on me, I would probably have a heart attack. I would definitely need new underwear.

Delivery Truck Prank

So, what do you think. Did this prank go too far, or was it comedy gold?