The day when our wallets will empty and our plastic debt will increase is almost here. We're talking, of course, about the release of Disney Infinity and its army of video games and action figures. We've learned today that one of the sets that will be available for the game will star Lightning McQueen and the crew of Pixar's Cars.

Video Gamer reported on the first details about the play set that were revealed in the March issue of Game Informer magazine.

Players will be tasked with hosting an international racing tournament in a post-Cars 2 Radiator Springs. They'll be able to construct their own race track in order to coax racers to repeatedly drive around an oblong road.

When you're done with the formalities of accomplishing a given task, you can get even more creative! The set contains additions to the Toy Box mode, which will include buildings and track pieces. Players can blow these up and turn them into stunt-park pieces in order to pull off sick tricks.

And what would the point of having tracks and stunt-parks without characters to populate them? The set includes Lightning McQueen, Mater, Holly Shiftwell, and Francesco Bernoulli, though it hasn't been specified which character(s) will come packed with the physical set. But each character will appear in-game and come with their own exclusive missions.

The Cars set is the fourth set that's been announced for Disney Infinity so far, joining the likes of Pirates of the Caribbean, The Incredibles, and Monsters University.

The game proper, as well as the plethora of plastic to come, is set for release in June 2013, giving us plenty of time for more play sets to be announced. We'll let you know if and when any news of other franchises arise.

In the meantime, let us know what Disney/Pixar property you'd love to see be a part of Disney Infinity.