It's baseball season and that means hecklers have had some time to work on their skills of trying to distract the players on the field. Sometimes that hard work backfires though as it did when the tables were turned by Dodgers outfielder, Tony Gywnn Jr.

Playing outfield means you have a bunch of "cheap seats" behind you and that's usually where your hecklers sit. Tony was getting a lot of chatter behind him while he's trying to concentrate on the game.

Instead of coming unraveled and yelling back, he decides to play along. He puts his glove behind his bottom and uses it like it's a mouth piece for the guy who is doing the heckling. Everyone just starts laughing, as you will hear. At one point if you listen closely you can hear the heckler say 'that's the most your gloves done all year'.

The video from this particular game between the Dodgers and Rockies is a year or two old now but it's just gone viral. So with the season in full swing and with a bench clearing fight last week, I felt we should see how great Gwynn handled this situation. Humor is a great tool.

Kinda makes you like him; even if he is a Dodger!