It's vacation time! I'm seeing so many people posting on Facebook that they are at the beach or they are counting down the days to vacation. But, is it really vacation anymore? A new survey found that over 50% of people say their boss expects them to work on vacation!

at least for the 54 percent of U.S. adults who say that in today's times, bosses expect you to work during vacations, according to a new study commissioned by Ricoh Americas Corporation and conducted online by Harris Interactive

Not much of a vacation these days with all the devices to stay in touch with work. Checking emails, sending documents and conference calls. Most people try to keep up with it so they don't have as much "catch up" when they get back to work.   Well, that's not a vacation!

The study also showed that working while on vacation doesn't just affect you, your family feels the pain too. Sixty-seven percent of the people polled said their family members YELL at them when they work on vacation. Yeah, that's really relaxing!