I'm a huge fan of the "Duck Dynasty" television series on A&E, and it turns out (in a way) that some of that Duck Commander philosophy could help save your life.

According to a recent report in the Daily Mail, the University of Southern Queensland in Australia did a study and found that a big secret to a healthy life... a full, healthy BEARD.

The study found that...

  • Beards protect against the sun... people with beards are exposed on average to 30% fewer UV rays, than people without beards.
  • Beards helps trap allergens that can cause asthma attacks.
  • Beards help keep water trapped in your skin keeping it moisturized. (And makes a persons face age slower... so you look YOUNGER.)
  • Beards also raise your neck temperature, which helps protect you against colds.

Plus, you would save a ton of time, trouble and money for razors when you just let it grow sexy and wild.

(Daily Mail)