May 7th will be a Happy, Happy, Happy day for Phil Robertson and all Duck Dynasty Fans, like Me. I am currently reading "The Duck Commander Family..." the book written by Willie and Korie Robertson and can't wait for, "Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander",  Phil's book, to be released.

I just love this family and while now, they seem like a well bonded family, it wasn't always the case. Willie and Korie explore much of the 'abnormal' in their book. Phil's book will take an even deeper look at life before the family we know now.

Phil, at one time was not a "happy, happy, happy" person and lived a hard and wild life. He even left Ms. Kay and the boys for a short period of time; he was drinking a lot, and was not a man of the Lord. However, once he found and decided to follow the Lord he was 'all in' and made different, better choices. He got his family back and started life on a new path. He will explore all of that and more in his new book.

The person you see on the TV show is not a 'character' it IS Phil Robertson. If you ask him his life philosophy he will tell you this "Faith, family, ducks—in that order."

You can pre-order the book now for e-books and the hardback edition will be released May 7th.

Here's a little peak at some of what you will find in Phil's new book. He talks about finding and following Jesus and also how the duck call 'empire' got started.


Duck Commander Phil Robertson--Deciding to Follow Jesus

Duck Commander Phil Robertson--How it All Started