Edward Norton and Jay Pharaoh spoofed the acclaimed film '12 Days a Slave' last night (Oct. 26) on 'SNL.' They twisted it to '12 Days Not a Slave,' in which Pharaoh played Cecil, a slave freed for nearly two weeks due to the Emancipation Proclamation. And they got a little help from Miley Cyrus.

Hey, if she can show up and crib time from Norton during his monologue to announce her tour, why not use her time wisely to appear in another skit?

In the clip, Cecil, who has too much faith in humanity and mankind, believing that racism ended with the abolishment of slavery, hits the bar, intent on celebrating his freedom with his pal, the gray-bearded, Abe Lincoln-lookalike Norton.

It is Norton who worries that the remaining tensions may get his newly free pal in trouble.

Norton warns Cecil, who wants to start a dance party, to tread lightly when it comes to dancing. He pleads, "Do not let white people see you dance. Once they see you dance, they will try to dance like you."

That's when Cyrus made her second cameo in full Civl War-era garb, dancing but not quite twerking. It was semi-twerking, or proto-twerking.

Overall, it was classic, subtle 'SNL' in so many of the references. Can you spot them all?