Facebook has a cool new feature which allows you to check out your very own personal 'year in review'. Looking back at my own, I had a pretty rockin' year which included a trip to Las Vegas, my daughter graduating, and our CMN Radiothon. There were a lot of other things that went on in 2013 that I don't exactly remember. So, it's nice to be able to look back and see what my year was all about.

Trip To Las Vegas and Utah

In February, me and a buddy went to Las Vegas and had one heck of a time. After a few days of gambling and partying on the strip, we drove up to Utah where I faced one of the biggest fears of my life by climbing Angels Landing. Talk about one heck of a way to start out the new year.

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Daughter Graduates High School

One of the best moments in 2013 came when my daughter, Brenna, graduated from high school. She not only graduated with honors, but also was Valedictorian of her school. Words cannot describe how proud of a dad I was at that moment and continue to be as she goes to school at Texas Tech. I love you, Bren!

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CMN Radiothon

Another proud moment in 2013 was when we did our very first Children's Miracle Network (CMN) Radiothon. Not only was it a very rewarding experience as we helped raise money for local kids, but, we had a great time in doing it as well.

Photo By Chaz

Got New Hardwood Floors Installed

My wife and I bought a house back in 2012 but never really liked the carpet. We had planned on getting wood floors when we bought it, and it all came to fruition back in July when we got the floors of our dreams installed. Of course, I had to oversee the install. So, I kicked back, grabbed a cold one and watched. Yes, I'm a hard worker.

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Became a Texas Tech Fan

I've been a Texas Longhorns fan since I can remember. But, that all changed when, as I mentioned above, my daughter graduated high school and decided to go to Texas Tech. Don't get me wrong, I still love the Longhorns, but now my allegiance is to my daughter's school - Texas Tech. So, 'Hook 'Em Guns Up'. Something like that.

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Celebrated My 40th Birthday

First of all, I know. I don't look 40 at all. I get that. But, it's true, I celebrated my 40th birthday in 2013. My wife put together one heck of a party for me and surprised me by getting all of my family together to come in to town. That included my mom, who's recent back surgery had hindered her from traveling for some time. It was my best birthday ever!

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So, that's a look back at my 2013 Facebook Year in Review. Looking back, I had one heck of a year and am looking forward to seeing what 2014 will bring.

What were some of your favorite moments in 2013?