Ever wonder how old your furry four legged kids are in human years? I found these cat and dog age calculators!

I was wondering just how old my cats were in human years other day when one of my cats, Gretchen, turned 16. I was joking about how now she can drive, but I won't let her car date EVER! Well, needless to say I found out that Gretchen can do whatever she wants because she's 81! OMG! Albert isn't far behind, at 14 he's 73!

We always heard dogs age is 7 years for 1 human year, but that's not the formula anymore and it's not for cats either. The formula now are:
The first year for a dog is 12 and the second year is 12 also. Every year after that is 4 years. It will get a little more complicated for breed and size of the dog. For a more specific calculator go to pedigree.com

Cats age 15 human years in their first year. Ten years the second year. Then it's 4 years for every year after that. But, frankly, that's all tough to figure out!
Find out how old your cat or dog is with these calculators compliments of calculatorcat.com!