Although I, personally, have never surfed I do find it fascinating. Being able to stand up, hold your balance and ride a huge, powerful wave seems impossible to me. But it also seems to fun and freeing; just you and a wave in a power struggle to win. Now, add in a whole new element like fire and you have something completely crazy!Fire Surfing, as it is called, is not just crazy but it also looks amazing on the water. It's especially beautiful at night. The concept is pretty simple, flares are attached to the back of the surf boards, but it's not that simple to pull it off. Once the perfect wave is found then the flares have to be lit (and hopefully stay lit) while you ride the wave.

Fire surfing is the brain child of pro surfer Sam McIntosh who attached flares to the back of his buddy Bruce Irons surf board. The result is amazing. Check it out for yourself in the video below.

Watch the Fire Surfing 'Flare Up'