I was at my buddy Heath's house over the weekend and one of the kids spilled some yogurt-covered raisins on the floor. Well, Heath's GIANT mastiff, Tug, gobbled 'em up before anyone could stop him. Luckily, it was only a child's handful of raisins because they're REALLY bad for dogs. I mentioned that to Heath and I was surprised he didn't know.

Now, everyone knows dogs can't have chocolate because it's toxic, especially dark chocolate and baker's chocolate. But here are five foods you probably DIDN'T know your pets can't eat.

1.  Grapes and raisins. They can cause kidney failure. Some dogs can eat them and be fine, but there's no way to tell if they'll have a reaction.

2.  Raw dough. The yeast is dangerous for ALL pets, because it can rise while they're digesting it. And it also produces alcohol, which can be deadly.

3.  Sugar-free gum. An ingredient called xylitol tricks a dog's body into thinking they just ate a bunch of sugar. So they release a bunch of insulin to compensate, and can DIE if their blood sugar drops too low.

4.  Onions and garlic. They can damage a cat's red blood cells. They have to eat a lot of them though. So it's not usually a problem unless they eat onion or garlic POWDER.

5.  Avocados. A toxin called persin can cause lung problems and heart damage for birds, rabbits, and horses. With cats and dogs, they usually just cause digestive issues.