Stevie Nicks wasn't kidding when she said 2013 was going to be "the Year of Fleetwood Mac." The group have just kicked off a tour that features the live debut of some new material, and now comes word that the new songs will see official release on an EP the band are set to release.

Guitarist Lindsey Buckingham broke the news onstage at a Fleetwood Mac gig in Philadelphia this past Saturday (April 6), introducing a new song titled 'Sad Angel.' He seemed energized by the new material, calling it "the best stuff we've done in a long time." No release date has been announced, but Buckingham said on stage that the EP would be out "in a few days."

The group actually intended to make three new songs available prior to the tour. Two of the songs -- 'Sad Angel' and 'Miss Fantasy' -- are from sessions last year in Buckingham's home studio, while a third is a holdover from the 1973 'Buckingham-Nicks' album.

Though the band members worked on more songs last year, it's still unclear whether there will be a full-length new Fleetwood Mac album on the horizon. Buckingham and Nicks have been talking about the possibility of reuniting as a duo, either to support a re-release of their past work or to record new songs.

Hear Fleetwood Mac Debut 'Sad Angel'