Well, here's one from the 'stupid criminal' file. A man in Florida was recently so desperate to get out of a ticket, that he allegedly made up an emergency, and called 911. Now, instead of just getting a ticket, he might be spending up to 5 years in prison. We can't make this stuff up.

According to ABC news, Julius Lupowitz was pulled over by West Melbourne police for speeding. After the police officer turned his back, Lupowitz called 911 with an elaborate story about someone about to be murdered.

“There’s definitely someone going to get shot. Please, please. Wingate and Hollywood. Please,” a man says on the 911 call released by officials. “There’s a man with a gun. I see him looking at me but I don’t think he sees I’m on a cell phone. I swear I’m so scared I might get killed myself. Please.”[ABC News]

More police were dispatched to the location, but the officer that pulled Lupowitz over stayed. After the 911 was traced and announced over the radio, the police officer realizes he is standing next to the one who made the call.

He was promptly arrested and charged with a felony. Too bad he can't be charged for stupidity. Now the man is facing up to 5 years in prison instead of a little $200 fine.

Nice going, dude.

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What's the best, or worst, excuse you've ever used to try to get out of a speeding ticket?