Yesterday not just one, but two tornadoes touched down close together in Nebraska.

Unfortunately, according to news reports these tornadoes

destroying more than half of the tiny town of Pilger, killing a 5-year-old child and injuring at least 19 people, hospital and emergency officials said.

The National Weather Service said dual twisters touched down within roughly a mile of each other. Emergency crews and residents spent the evening sorting through demolished homes and businesses in the community of about 350, roughly 100 miles northwest of Omaha.

"More than half of the town is gone — absolutely gone," Stanton County Commissioner Jerry Weatherholt said. "The co-op is gone, the grain bins are gone, and it looks like almost every house in town has some damage. It's a complete mess."

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the child and the injured....

via Tornadoes flatten tiny Nebraska town; 1 child dies - Yahoo News.