I recently read a blog, called #FashionbyMayhem, from a woman about something she and her 4 year old daughter do together; make dresses from construction paper. I scrolled through and looked at the photos of each dress they've made and was completely in awe.My best friend has a 20 month old little girl and I thought this would be a perfect project for them to do together; although she is probably a little too young just yet. The dresses are phenomenal and they only use a few crafting supplies. Which is good for moms who want to try this but might not have great skills and for young kids just learning.

They use construction paper, tissue paper, scissors, and tape. What they do with those few little items will blow your mind. Mom and daughter (which she calls Mayhem by the way) watch red carpet events or runway shows to find inspiration. They, then, recreate the gowns using paper and tape. And yes, Mayhem is only 4 but she does help, these are not totally created by mom.

I love to do crafts so this totally appealed to me, but I'm lacking the child labor and model. However, these are fun ideas for mom, grandma's, baby sitters, aunts or whatever to do with little girls. Little girls love to play dress up and make things pretty.

As Mayhem's mom explains, in her blog, it's not so much about how it looks as it is the uninhibited creative process and spending quality time together. However, after posting the photos of Mayhem on her blog she has sparked much conversation and more crafting between moms and daughters. She even created a hashtag #inspiredbymayhem where followers could submit their own creations.


To see more of the dresses Mayhem and her mom have created check out their website or Instagram.